With over 25 years experience in the car park cleaning industry, Cleanpark have built up an envied track record in the delivery of outstanding cleaning performance.

This is clearly demonstrated by our unique 5 stage deep cleaning process, designed to deliver unrivalled cleaning results to transform even the dirtiest of car park surfaces. This process is recommended by many car park installers and is frequently referenced in their O&M manuals. Following this process you will ensure the maximum life of your floor and ensures that it will be kept in optimum condition.


Using only biodegradable chemicals, Cleanpark apply these quality detergents directly to the floor. The direct application of these break down the dirt and detritus, making it easier for the surface to be thoroughly cleansed.



Using industrial floor cleaning machines we use soft brushes to agitate the chemicals already applied to the floor. The use of soft brushes is very important to ensure that we sympathetically scrub the floor, taking care not to damage it by aggressive scrubbing with inappropriate brushes.



Using Hydroscrub, specifically developed by Cleanpark for the cleaning of car park decks, ensures the safe and consistent cleaning of our car park floor. Again, care is taken to ensure that the surface is looked after and that pressures above 200bar are not exceeded.



Pressure washers are used to rinse the entire floor area, ensure that no area is overworked as this can again damage the top coat of the surface. Once the surface is fully rinsed, a clean and refreshed car park floor is revealed and the physical cleaning is complete.



However, one of the most important parts of the process is still to be completed, that is the recovery of the excess water. Powerful vacuum machinery is used to recover the lying water and any contamination left on the surface, this ensures that the car park dries quickly and is soon ready to receive traffic again, albeit with a totally refreshed appearance!