Block paved paths, roadways and patio area can become infested with weeds, grass, algae, lichen, and moss. As well as this, exposure to the element can quickly make even the newest block paving look tired and dull and green.

Cleanpark UK use advanced, especially-formulated techniques to transform block paved areas and leave them looking freshly-laid.

Our process is entirely eco-friendly and is uniquely designed to restore the appearance of your paving to its former glory, leaving you with an immaculate surface that you can be proud of once again.

Cleanpark’s added value block paving services can also include:

  • Weed killing
  • Minor repair work
  • Block paving deep cleaning
  • Turbo rinsing
  • Dry steam clean for oil staining
  • Re-sanding using fresh kiln dried sand
  • Application of suitable sealer (optional)
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Oil remover in action


No water cleaning

Using no water, Cleanpark's dry paving cleaning system enables us to scrub clean paving free of weeds and organic growth, this offers safe working areas and eliminate the need for high pressure hoses, chemicals and overspray into unwanted spaces, making it highly suitable to work in busy areas.

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